Do you require a contract?

No. We do not require any contract nor do we provide one. All services are provided on a good-faith, shop-rules basis. That means that we will do our best and be no less accountable or effective than others providing a similar service. Specifically, we are not liable for damages or loss of data, uptime, money or opportunity.


What isn’t included?

Upgrades to major releases (e.g., Drupal 7 → 8). We can assist you with these upgrades, but they are priced separately due to their complexity. Support tickets that cover items that take over 20 minutes to complete. You can combine tickets to cover a larger item, if you wish (e.g., 2 tickets = 40 minutes, etc.). Otherwise, we’ll quote a project price for you. Participating in required audits or turnover of logs or other site data. We’ll need to quote a project price for something like that.

Can Support Tickets be divided for really small tasks?

No. Whether a task takes 5 minutes or the 20 minutes, it’s counted as one ticket.

Can Support Tickets be combined to cover a larger task?

Yes. The time is yours to use (and we hope you use it) for any service that we provide. That means if you have the basic package and get 3 tickets per month, you have an hour of time.

What is a Support Ticket?

A support ticket is a task that requires around 20 minutes to complete. That includes any setup time (e.g., research, installation, testing, etc.). We chose 20 minutes because it's the average amount of time most basic tasks require. We don’t count the seconds, so if it’s a minute over here or there, we’re not concerned. We simply provide these measurements so we have a common understanding. You can always add more tickets to any support package, as needed.

What is a site?

The definition of a site these days is a bit complicated with cloud hosting, so if you have any questions, please let us know. For the record, we define a site as one installation of code and data on one host, which covers the vast majority of websites out there.  If you have a more complex set up like Amazon or Google cloud hosting, we can more than likely support you with a custom plan. Just let us know.   

Is telephone support included?

While we encourage you to submit support tickets and other requests via email and your dashboard, you might occasionally want to speak to a human being and you’re welcome to call during business hours. Please note that we may ask you to re-submit any requests via email or dashboard for record-keeping purposes. 

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are 10 am - 6 pm ET weekdays, excepting U.S. national holidays. We’re often online both earlier and later in the day, as well as on weekends and holidays, but to be fair we cannot guarantee responses (other than critical updates) outside our business hours.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

We do not. A true 24/7 support operation is extremely expensive and is what makes most other support plans cost hundreds and even thousands a month more than ours. We have found that around 98% of our work naturally occurs during business hours.