Website Troubleshooting

“There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works.”
—Alan J. Perlis

If you're here, it's most likely because you have a problem with your website. Let's get started on a fix, shall we? 


Problems Solved

Mail Delivery

Problem: outgoing mail from client's website was not reaching customers. Some of it was ending up in junk folders and some of it was just disappearing. It was a support nightmare; the source of approximately 40% of support calls. During research we found that their mail server was configured correctly, their domain was not on a black list for spam, but because their mail server wasn't known large providers/servers like Yahoo, GMail, Outlook and others would more often than not mark the messages as spam. 

Solution: we researched and installed a third party mail service to deliver outgoing mail and also log all mail transactions. Now nearly 99% of the mail sent out is delivered.